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ISBT 128 Blood Bank Labels

How to order:

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• Any ISBT 128 label you need:  Piggyback or single-ply labels

• No minimum label quantity ($50 minimum order)

• Combine labels to meet $50 minimum

• Pay by credit card or purchase order (Net 30 day terms)

• No extra fees for plates, dies or setup fees for our standard formats


• FOB: our factory via UPS ground (Freight prepaid and added to

• Imaging is done at 300dpi.  If you require 600dpi for DIN labels
please call us for a
custom quote

• Labels going through Blood Analyzers require 600dpi, please call us

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  All Digi-Trax labels are manufactured from durable synthetic label materials that will withstand; waterbath, freezing, bleach disinfecting, most solvents and repeated abrasion.
Our adhesives meet FDA CFR 21, Sec. 175.105.
  Caution: Although all Digi-Trax ISBT 128 labels have been developed to comply with the U.S. Industry Consensus Standard, your FDA regulated facility is responsible for submitting your labels to the FDA for approval.  
Digi-Trax PrePrint Standard Formats:

Product #  ISBT-22-I
Single Quadrant Label
Size:  2” x 2”

Product #  ISBT-2323-I
Facility & Product Label
Size: 2” x 3.2343”

Product #  ISBT-128-I
Donation Identification Number (DIN) Label
Size:  3.74” x 4.5” piggyback label

Product #  ISBT-128-I-600
Donation Identification (DIN) Label (600dpi)
Size: 4.05” x 3.75” piggyback label


View our available custom ISBT-128 DIN Formats

How to order:
Fax or email this form to:
847-465-9055 or orders@digi-trax.com

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