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  Blood bank labels & ribbons for Sato tabletop printers

All labels are blank and sold with ribbons

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  ISBT-22-3412   ISBT-42-3412   ISBT-44-3412   ISBT-2323-3412   WBN-ISBT SATO*   ISBT-IR-3412  
  2” x 2”    2” x 4”    4" x 4" Full Face    3.23" x 2"   4 " x 3.74"   2 " x 1"  
Single Quadrant
• Two Quadrant
• Syringe Compatible

• Product Date & Time
• 4 quadrant
Syringe Compatible
• Peel Option
DIN Removed
Facility & Product
Donation Identification Number (DIN) piggyback label set
Intended Recipient
Blood bank labeling brochures & technical bulletins:          

New premium label material with highly specialized cold temperature adhesive

We offer specially matched high durability ribbons that are packed in label/ ribbon kits.  Also, we offer ribbon quantities to match what is needed for the number of labels you order for your printer.

  Blood bag overlabel performance technical bulletin