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When you need labels that not only withstand the rigors of blood identification and but also fit your budget, Digi-Trax is ready to ensure your facility is ready to label.

We offer ISBT 128 label solutions that include both blank label stock and pre-printed labels.

With our HemaTrax ISBT 128 compliant software, you can print DIN labels, 4x4's and more. You can also order your pre-printed labels from us.

Our ISBT 128 labels and adhesives are designed to meet the rigorous demands required in blood banking, specifically FDA CFR 21, Section 175.105 and will remain wrinkle free, bar code readable and eye legible.  Even when exposed to freezing temperatures, water bath, bleach disinfecting, abrasion and most other solvents.  All of our formats are in stock for immediate shipment.

We offer specially matched high durability ribbons that are packed in label/ ribbon kits.  Also, we offer ribbon quantities to match what is needed for the number of labels you order for your printer.

Ask about our comprehensive FREE printer service and label programs.

 To order any label, contact Digi-Trax at
800-356-6126 or at
info@digi-trax.com for more information.  View our order form.

  View blank Blood bank labels and ribbons for:      

Zebra tabletop printers
thermal transfer
Zebra desktop printers
thermal transfer

Sato printers
thermal transfer
Direct thermal labels*
(no ribbons required)
        *Direct thermal labels are intended for short term applications

Zika testing information label for
compliance labeling
  Looking For Pre-Printed
blood bank labels?


New premium label material with highly specialized cold temperature adhesive
Blood bank labeling brochures & technical bulletins:              

  Blood bag overlabel performance technical bulletin

  How to configure your ZM400 for direct thermal labels in a few easy steps