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Eliminate label misreads
with the ColorWorks System

The ColorWorks inkjet print system is a reliable way to print color-on-demand labels for unit doses, syringes and IV bags.  Printing vibrant easy to distinguish 1.2" to 4.4" color labels on durable, waterproof media can significantly decrease medication errors that occur from misreading information. You can integrate ColorWorks via USB or Ethernet connections

Ken Latta, BS, RPh, a well respected pharmacist at Duke University and Senior Consultant at Health System Consulting Group, LLC, is a strong proponent of using a color convention and has been very successfully doing so.

He notes,
“The ColorWorks on demand color system can provide significant cost savings. Each event in which safety is compromised costs us approximately $5,000. The ColorWorks inkjet printing system is our cost effective solution to this problem.”

Compact size (10” x 10.6” x 10”) Print strips or individual labels.

Digi-Trax Pharmacy
Compounding Brochure
  Ensure you implement the three R’s of drug labeling:
• Recall: Standardized color conventions for your labels provides a way for users to quickly identify drugs from each other, decreasing the time it takes to administer to the patient
• Recognition: The drug should be labeled using easily readable color fonts sizes with the name and strength in a prominent location
• Retention: Using a consistent labeling format makes it easy for your client or staff, reduces errors and is beficial for JHACO reporting and to meet safety standards.
  See What On-Demand Color Labeling Can Do For Your Compounding Pharmacy:    
•  Easily communicate any special instructions
•  Alert the presence of toxic materials
•  Identify alerts & warnings
•  Emphasize patient name
    Labels come to life in color!

Compounding label used on a syringe
  Simple, Efficient Ink Cartridge     Ideal for Clean Room Compoudning    
  The ColorWorks system utilizes a single ink cartridge.  It's low cost and has a durable pigment color means you'll never have to worry about managing messy ribbons!

A single ink cartridge can print over 1000 labels*

*Various factors limit total label output quantity, such as label size and format.
Product # SC-INK-1
    The ColorWorks printer was tested extensively to determine the amount of particulate contamination it generated. Results showed the particulates generated did not exceed ISO Class 7 limits which must be fewer than 352,000 particles per cubic meter. This low particle-generating printer helps hospital pharmacies comply with USP 797 standards -- which require that compounded sterile preparations must be formulated inside laminar flow workstations within clean rooms.
Digi-Trax synthetic labels are also manufactured using a synthetic liner and are then rolled onto a plastic core, nearly eliminating any possibility of dust or particulates.

Epson ColorWorks Clean Room Particulate Letter 1-5-2012

We have the largest offering of stock labels for the ColorWorks

Digi-Trax is always stocking new ColorWorks labels.
  Take a look at our current offerings, but please note, if you don’t see what you’re looking, contact us for more information at 800-356-6126.
Custom Labels

Please contact your Digi-Trax Sales Manager to inquire about custom formatting and label design options. Our experienced label experts will work with your facility to produce label sizes and designs that meet your needs and fit within your budget. Digi-Trax labels are incredibly durable, waterproof, resist abrasion and withstand harsh environments. The unmatched quality of our labels will increase your patients’ safety by reducing medication errors. 

sample used on
a syringe
    Product # SC-4X1-FLAG

4” x 1” Poly Special Die Cut Label with perfs. 1250 labels/roll. The label has a centered face perf on the right side (” of label on each side of the perf) in order to fold the label over onto itself, creating a “flag” and .375” portion to adhere to a syringe  (see image on left)
Product # SC-35X75-FOLD

3 ” x ” Poly Special Die Cut Label with perfs, 1650 labels/roll. Features a vertical face perf ” from the right edge and a vertical slit on the liner .9375” from the right edge of the liner. Simply tear the the face perf and apply the larger portion of the label to a prescription vial and the smaller portion to the patient’s chart.
  Printed sample formats from Digi-Trax:          
                Sales & Support
        Our manufacturer-certified support staff helps eliminate downtime

Digi-Trax Corporation has a fully staffed sales, service and support department ready to help you with label formatting, software configuration, printer repair. Your regional sales person can demo the printer for you at your facility. If you’re not 100% sure, you are ready to buy, we do have a free trial period where you can use the printer for a designated time frame before purchase.  Once you do purchase, we offer extended
        warranties beyond the manufacturer’s one year warranty as well as our Spare in the Air program:
            This option provides you with an overnight replacement of your printer so that you rarely experience downtown due to malfunction. With just one phone call, you’ll get a spare printer the next day. Plus, your shipping charges will be covered.
ColorWorks features a choice of USB or Ethernet connectivity
  Need better labeling software?            
  Digi-Trax recommends NiceLabel Label Designer Pro.  Software purchased through Digi-Trax includes complimentary custom formatting assistance. We'll help you develop clear, concise label formats that meet your needs.


    For more information, contact us today at 800-356-6126 or info@digi-trax.com

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