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HemaTrax® Standalone
ISBT 128 blood bank label software 



HemaTrax® is the industry leading ISBT 128 compliant labeling system. HemaTrax® software is available in two versions – standalone and network integrated. The complete on-demand system includes HemaTrax software, a Zebra printer with specially designed firmware, and FDA compliant labels. When printed, the labels will also meet US Consensus standards.

The software database is updated with new blood bank product codes on a regular basis, so you can print all the required blood banks labels that you need 4x4 (face) labels, product labels, expiration date labels and more.

The HemaTrax standalone system is the perfect answer to emergencies. Just print your ISBT 128 labels using a backup computer.

HemaTrax release notes

  Features & benefits:

• Create, print and store the labels you need in the HemaTrax database. No need to recreate previously saved labels. Download the software and updated versions directly from our web site. No need to manage CDs that can easily be lost or misplaced

• Print the entire spectrum of blood bank labels on demand




• HemaTrax standalone is a perfect solution in the event your network goes down, whether in the course of a workday, or due to natural disasters or cyber attacks. You can still print the labels you need when you need them, especially for emergency backup.

• The comprehensive reporting system in the software helps you prepare for audits or other needed documentation requirements

• HemaTrax software comes with customizable, flexible password protection so you can give permission to certain job titles or individuals

For more information, please contact our customer service department
at 800-356-6126 or
at info@digi-trax.com.


Lifecycle Software Service (LSS)

HemaTrax software has a low cost annual subscription available that ensures you have access to all product code and software improvement updates so you remain ISBT 128 compliant. With this service, you received unlimited hardware and technical support (M-F) 9 am to 5 pm CST/CDT.

-Existing customers


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HemaTrax Standalone: the Perfect Safeguard for Emergencies

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Technical Bulletin 5-27-2014: How to add new blood products in HemaTrax's "old" product table database
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