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HemaTrax-UNITY v7  release notes May 2016


HemaTrax®-UNITY is a feature rich label design software application with over 25 years of development behind it. Whether you're connecting to a hosted BECS (Blood Establishment Computer System) or a standalone system, HemaTrax-UNITY is the product of choice for blood banks and transfusion centers.  With over 1,500 active HemaTrax® installations worldwide, you can be assured our time-tested software will reduce or eliminate labeling errors and ultimately increase patient safety.

    Digi-Trax recommends these bar code scanners for use with HemaTrax:  
    Zebra LS2208 Zebra DS6878 Zebra
Gryphon I

Gryphon I

Datalogic RIDA DBT6400-HC    
    Technical Bulletin 5-27-2014 How to add new blood products in UNITY's "old" product table database

HemaTrax-UNITY v7.0 release notes  view all release notes
  Easy Installation, Configuration and Setup

• Download online or install CD
• Configure up to 64 printer ports per server
• The server interface allows printer port configuration from the
• Define the port type (COMx or IP Address in dotted notation)
• Select communications baud rate [COMx ports only]
• Enable or disable error detection protocol (CRC) [COMx ports

• Online or CD ROM


Easy To Use HemaTrax® integration for Developers

• No printer specific format languages to learn
• No need to develop and maintain label formats
• No label design compliance learning curve
• Online software manuals provided as PDF files

Keeps Product Label Table Current

• Includes the latest product label definitions
• Locates ICCBBA product codes via search on known characteristics
• Modifies existing label text
• Adds new ICCBBA products
• Creates in-process product codes (A0001 - D9999)
• Allows users to add new or locally defined products as needed.

  Prints all approved ISBT-128 Label Quadrants &

• Full Base Label
• ABO-Rh Label
• ABO-Rh / Date-Time Label
• ABO-Rh/Expiration Date Label
• Date-Time Label
• Facility Label
• Facility / Product Label
• Intended Recipient Label
• Product Label
• Product / Date-Time Label
• Product/Expiration Date Label
• Collection or Expiration Date & Time Label
• Instruction label (general purpose use)

Please contact our customer service department
for more information at 800-356-6126 or at info@digi-trax.com.

  Audit Trail

• The program produces a full set of label audit trail reports for
   development of label SOPs and reconciliation.

Secure System

• Includes multi-level password security to prevent unauthorized
   access and use

Prints Four ABC Codabar Label Types

• ABO-Rh & Special Message Labels (1.75" x 3")
• Product Labels (2.3" x 1")
• Expiration Date Labels
• DIN Labels

Lifecycle Software Service (LSS)

Low cost annual fee provides:

-All ISBT 128 upgrades
-Software support
-Installation support
-Unlimited hardware and technical support, 9am - 5pm, Monday-Friday
-ISBT 128 labeling and supplies support
-Existing customers

application requirements:
Operating System requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP, 2003 server, Vista, 2008 server
and Windows 7 -- TCP/IP Network Ready
  • Intel Pentium or Equivalent Architecture VGA Monitor at 800x600 resolution  
  • 1GB RAM (minimum) Network Interface Card  
  • 10GB Hard Drive (minimum free space) Mouse  
  CD-ROM, DVD or BluRay drive (for installing software) Report Printer (network or local)  
  1 Available Serial COM port (minimum) Digi-Trax label printer with special firmware  
HemaTrax® Brochures & resources HemaTrax® White Papers

HemaTrax-UNITY brochure 

HemaTrax brings you more!
2 Years FREE Zebra printer service
& label pricing contract info

White Paper

ISBT128 DIN Labeling
HemaTrax App Whitepaper


Donation ID Number Set Printing with Hema-Trax ISBT 128 Print Server

Date: November 2005
Published by: Digi-Trax
Mr. Larry Cullen

The Digi-Trax Corporation Proposal to Reduce Medical Errors 


A detailed look at how machine readable bar codes and ISBT 128 can greatly reduce errors, improve patient safety and lower operating costs at your facility.

Date: 2006
Published by: Digi-Trax
by Mr. Richard Kriozere
Technical Bulletin 5-27-2014:
How to add new blood products in UNITY's "old" product table database

Software Support

HemaTrax Release Notes

Software Manuals
White Paper

Digi-Trax & Zebra
ISBT 128 Brochure

Simplify ISBT-128 Compliance with Digi-Trax Labeling Solutions.

Date:  2006
Published by:  Digi-Trax and ZEBRA Technologies

White Paper

ISBT 128 Bar Code Requirements

Bar code requirements for ISBT 128 Implementation

January 20, 2006
Published by: CBER/ FDA
CBER - Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, FDA

White Paper

Putting Patient Safety First with ISBT 128 Compliance 

Application White Paper: Eliminating errors with new technology. Sample images and descriptions of ISBT Label layouts, and FDA guidelines.

Date:  October 20, 2006
Published by:  Digi-Trax

  Browse additional white papers for a full overview of ISBT 128, learn about CBER and how it can help your facility.
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