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Digi-Trax offers a variety of label options for the Lab Tuf system.  If you don't see what you need here, please contact us at 800-356-6126 or info@digi-trax.com.
A.  Cryo-Tuf™
Designed to meet Biorepository/ Lab Requirements.  Unique matte clear self-laminating wrap-around label withstands liquid and vapor phase nitrogen (-196șC).  Minimum application temperature:  -10șC.  Soft synthetic label won't flag, and resists abrasion and most chemical exposure.
B.  Vial-Tuf™
Label vials, auto-sampler, chromatography, environmental, serum or blood samples, petri dishes, plates, bottles or beakers with this conveniently sized durable thermal transfer polyolefin label.  Designed to stick without lifting to a variety of surfaces.  Prints easily with a durable, rub-proof chemical-resistant ribbon.
C.  Plate-Tuf™
This durable polylefin label is designed to fit the shoulder of most any 96 well (Immulon, Microtiter, Microfluor) plates.  Using our on-demand print system and specifically designed labels, you are in control and can print what you need, when you need it, with any bar code and eye-readable data.
D.  Micro-Tuf™
Print 1D & 2D high density bar codes (1-D, CODE 128 and CODE 39) or (2-D, PDF417, Data Matrix and RSS) plus multiple lines of text with our exclusive four across labels.  They withstand most solvents, including Xylene, when allowed to dry without handling.  The permanent image will last indefinitely.
E.  EP-Tuf™
EP-Tuf is two special shaped eppendorf label formats which are designed to fit microcentrifuged tubes, either 1.5ml or 0.5ml.  These special conical shapes allow for bar code and text data on a white durable, flexible, white poloyolefin film designed to adhere to small diameters.


**Important Note:  As with any other labels, these products should be tested under actual end use conditions to ensure they meet all the requirements of the application.



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