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CipherLab CPT-8000 Series Pocket Sized Mobile Computer

This family of portable terminals from CipherLab is all about economy of price and size. The CPT-8000 series features a 100 x 64 graphics LCD with back light and rechargeable 700 mAh Li-ion battery. You will get over 100 working hours with the CPT-8000. The keyboard has 21 rubber back lit keys and the program memory is 1 MB of Flash and the Data Memory comes with 1 MB of standard SRAM or 2 MB optional.

The CPT-8000 series has a built-in IRDA port and an integrated 1-D linear imager scanner. The charging communications cradle uses the IRDA port for its RS232 communication at up to 115.2k bps. You can also order wireless Bluetooth to compliment your application which is programmable in Basic, “C” or with a Windows based application generator.

With its low acquisition cost, small size (4.8”L x 2.2” w x 1.02”H) and light weight (4.55 oz) this CipherLab terminal can fit many health care and Life Sciences applications very nicely.

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