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  Brother TD-2130NHC

The Brother TD-2130NHC healthcare thermal printer and PDC Healthcare media prints virtually perfectly imaged wristbands and labels at almost any point of care location or laboratory from admissions to on a cart at patient bedside.

The TD-2130NHC delivers the desktop printer benefits to a mobile printer application. Just drop in any roll of PDC's TrustSense™ labels. smart technology and the TD-2130NHC is ready to print. The TD-2130NHC has a compact footprint with a built-in LAN interface, and prints accurate barcodes at 300dpi quickly at 6 inches per second. Optional Li-ion battery, WLAN or Bluetooth interface, and touch panel display.

Main Features

• Versatile thermal printing solution helps with seamless integration into new and existing workflow processes

• Uses TrustSense™ Smart Media Technology - Just drop in the media, no spindle or calibration needed

• Print at the point of care using optional Li-ion battery and wireless WLAN or Bluetooth® interface

• Compact footprint fits on a cart or workstation

• High 300dpi printing resolution helps make small text easier to read and scanning barcodes more accurate and reliable

• Fast 6 inches per second print Speed at high resolution means virtually no waiting to print wristbands and labels

• Future proof design - Purchase optional accessories wWith printer or after deployment

• Larger media capacity over mobile printers results in less frequent media changing that helps reduce down time and increase productivity

• Fully integrated touch Panel, user interface and LCD display option offers customizable off-Line or standalone printing solutions

• Comes standard with 2 years limited warranty that helps assures operational confidence and reliability

To place an order, email orders@digi-trax.com

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