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barcode replication is ideal for:

• blood banks         • laboratory
• cellular therapy     • microbiology

Use economic blank labels and just print what you need when you need it with our simple, cost effective system. You don’t need a PC or software, just our all-in-one complete printer. A great way to eliminate expensive pre-printed labels.

This easy to use point and print system can replicate can all types of barcode symbologies. Print an individual barcode or use the system to print the next sequence number.

Print plasma and platelet pheresis products

When printing DIN labels, place them directly on the plasma unit bags or attach the labels to a tag.

Print individual DIN labels for your paperwork, rather than handwriting the donation number. Just scan and print as many times as you need. You’ll no longer have to worry about transposing numbers.

No need for costly label sets as you only print what you need.

  Scan and print low-cost blank labels for satellite blood bags

Easy as 1-2-3

Digi-Trax® labels adhere and remain legible when exposed to freezing, waterbath, repeated abrasion and disinfecting. Our adhesives meet CFR 21, Sec. 175.105 and have been tested negative for bag leaching.

A perfect labeling solution for:

• Microscope slides

• Test tubes

• Donation Identification Numbers (DINs)

• Tranfusion verification ID bands

  The system includes:

Zebra DS6878 bar code scanner

• Zebra GX430t 300 dpi thermal transfer printer, with firmware
pre-loaded on the printer
• A free roll of high-durability
ribbon and labels 

Supplies and consumables:

A. Product # ISBT-128-G Piggyback ISBT 128 DIN Set: 3.74” x 4.5”,
     250/ fan fold), 6 bag labels, 6 tube labels, 9 pig-tails); 6 rolls (1500
     labels) and 3 rolls ribbon RR-CT-G4, purchase by the case.

B. Product # DIN-1875-G Single Ply DIN labels 1.875” x .75”, 1000
     per roll, purchase by the roll.

All labels have FDA acceptable adhesive (CFR 21, Sec. 175.105) and will withstand waterbath, freezing, bleach disinfecting and resists abrasion.

C. Product # DIN-125-G Single Ply DIN labels 1.25” x .75”, 1000 per roll, purchase by the roll.

D. Ribbon product # RR-CT-G2, 2.5” x 243’ able to print 3 rolls of either DIN-1875-G or DIN-125-G

To place an order, email orders@digi-trax.com