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STEMSOFT and Digi-Trax Labeling Solution
January 25, 2013

STEMSOFT Software Inc (“STEMSOFT”), the leading provider of software solutions for the cell therapy and transplant community, and Digi-Trax® Corporation (“Digi-Trax”), the leading supplier of bar code labeling systems for healthcare, are pleased to announce the certification of ISBT label generation and printing from StemLab on the Digi-Trax HemaTrax-CT printing solution.

Earlier this past year, Digi-Trax and STEMSOFT announced that they would work together to develop an integrated solution that connects the industry’s leading cell therapy laboratory software system, StemLab™, with Digi-Trax’s flagship Hema-Trax®-CT labeling solution. Since then this testing and validation has been completed and both groups are happy to give clients of STEMSOFT™ and Digi-Trax® the option to connect these two systems together to assist with the implementation of the ISBT 128 bar code labeling standard.

Rob Fuller, STEMSOFT’s President and CEO, states “We are very excited for our clients to leverage Digi-Trax’s ISBT compliant hardware and consumables while providing them with the time saving and quality enhancing benefits StemLab offers for ISBT label generation and full product manufacturing tracking”.

Richard Kriozere, Digi-Trax Corporation’s CEO, says, “As a leader in Cellular Therapy labeling, we are thrilled to be able to partner with STEMSOFT on the latest ISBT standards. Our mutual clients will reap the benefits of a streamlined, easy to use labeling system”.

To learn more on STEMSOFT’s leading cell therapy manufacturing tracking solution, StemLab, please visit www.stemsoft.com or for additional information on the Digi-Trax Hema-Trax CT solution for ISBT label printing please visit www.digi-trax.com.

About STEMSOFT Software Inc
STEMSOFT Software is a leader in the field of medical informatics and provides end-to-end solutions for information management, quality assurance and regulatory compliance for the cell therapy, cord blood and transplant market. STEMSOFT’s current product portfolio includes specialized software for cell therapy manufacturers, cord blood banks and for blood and marrow transplantation centers. Sign up for a webinar today to learn more!

About Digi-Trax Corporation:
Digi-Trax has been providing blood banks, transfusion services and Cellular therapy facilities with complete label system solutions. Digi-Trax offers hardware, software, accessories, labels and total technical support and service. Having consulted on the first ISBT-128 Task Force, Digi-Trax has been instrumental in the development of ISBT 128 standards for Cellular Therapy.

For Additional Information Contact:
Nicole Waidman
Senior Director, Global Sales and Marketing
STEMSOFT Software Inc
250.454.6497 | nicole.waidman@stemsoft.com

Michelle Jorgensen
Senior Director, Marketing
Digi-Trax Corporation
847.613.2116 | mjorgensen@digi-trax.com



Digi-Trax is now applying our experience and expertise to the newly published ISBT 128 Cellular Therapy Labeling Standard.  HemaTrax®-CT is available as either a stand-alone PC product for smaller non-computerized sites or as fully interfaced solution for your LIS.


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