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June 26, 2013

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® Corporation and Title21 Software® announce state-of-the-art integration with new partnership

Digi-Trax Corporation and Title21 Software announce today their partnership to integrate Digi-Trax’s ISBT Labeling Solution with Title21 Software’s Cellular Therapy Solution. This collaboration will allow the Cord Blood and Cellular Therapy community to fully automate their laboratory processes including efficient printing of ISBT compliant cellular therapy labels.

Pleasanton, CA June 26, 2013
Title21 Software, Inc, an innovator of integrated software solutions for labs and Digi-Trax Corporation (“Digi-Trax”), the leading supplier of ISBT 128 bar code labeling systems for healthcare, are pleased to announce the integration of ISBT 128 label creation from Title21’s Cellular Therapy Solution to Digi-Trax Corporation’s HemaTrax-CT label printing system.

 Richard Kriozere, Digi-Trax Corporation’s CEO, says, “Title21 Software is an innovator and a leader in providing integrated software solutions to the cellular therapy community. We are thrilled to take Title21’s technology of a paperless lab to the next level by integrating Digi-Trax’s HemaTrax-CT labeling system with their Cellular Therapy Solution. Our mutual clients will reap the benefits of a streamlined, easy to use labeling system, and it’s backed up with full technical support.”

Testing and validation has been completed and both groups are happy to give mutual clients of Title21 Software and Digi-Trax® the option to connect these two systems together. This connection provides a fully compliant solution to meeting ICCBBA’s ISBT 128 bar code labeling standard for cellular therapy.

“We are excited to be delivering our promise of a fully-automated lab one step further by giving our customers the opportunity to seamlessly integrate with Digi-Trax’s best-in-class ISBT compliant cellular therapy label printing solution,” said Lynn Fischer, CEO of Title21 Software. “This partnership represents Title21 Software and Digi-Trax’s shared commitment to innovation, integration and providing the best possible solution to our customers. Title21 Software is the only all-in-one, integrated solution for the cord blood facilities and cellular therapy laboratories.”

Modules integrated in Title21 Software’s Cellular Therapy Solution Include:
Title21 Laboratory Process Management – a powerful and versatile workflow solution that allows your quality data and laboratory processes to be managed from a single, easy-to-use interface. The system can be configured to automate any workflow including Equipment Maintenance, Audits, Deviations, CAPAs/Error Management, Change Control, Batch Records, Complaints, Recalls, CIBMTR, and more.

Title21 Content Management - an integrated system that streamlines operations by automating the creation, collaboration, approval, routing, distribution and tracking of documents.

Title21 Training & Learning Management – a complete system designed to manage all aspects of your laboratory training and competency assessment program. LMS tools include Competency Assessments, On-Line Exams (with automatic grading), Trainee Credential and CEU maintenance, Training Plans and more.

Title21 Inventory Management – a system that allows your organization to consolidate tracking and control into a single-interface solution. The Inventory Management Module gives you the tools to define, track and process inventory in the same system you use to manage all your other laboratory processes.

About Title21 Software
Title21 Software is an integrated enterprise solution that closes compliance gaps, improves quality and efficiency for Life Science Organizations. Title21 delivers business process management software that supports the automation of any workflow process. Title21 Software’s customers include prestigious hospitals, blood centers, medical device companies, pharmaceuticals, cellular therapy laboratories, cord blood banks and more. For more information about Title21 Software’s products and services, visit www.Title21software.com.

About Digi-Trax Corporation
Digi-Trax has been providing blood banks, transfusion services, laboratories, and cellular therapy facilities with complete label system solutions. Digi-Trax offers hardware, software, accessories, labels and total technical support and service. Having consulted on Providing consultation since the first ISBT 128 Task Force, Digi-Trax has been instrumental in the development of ISBT 128 standards for cellular therapy. HemaTrax® (blood bank) and HemaTrax®-CT (cellular therapy) systems have been installed in thousands of facilities worldwide. For more information, go to www.digi-trax.com

For Additional Information Contact:

Haley K. Roebuck
Marketing Coordinator
925.484.2121  |  HaleyR@Title21software.com

Michelle Jorgensen
Senior Director, Marketing
Digi-Trax Corporation
847.613.2116 | mjorgensen@digi-trax.com


Digi-Trax is now applying our experience and expertise to the newly published ISBT 128 Cellular Therapy Labeling Standard.  HemaTrax®-CT is available as either a stand-alone PC product for smaller non-computerized sites or as fully interfaced solution for your LIS.


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