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Blood Bank Systems

HemaTrax-UNITY™ Overview
 & Tutorial.
     See the new features in HemaTrax-UNITY.    4:00

     Learn how using DINselect can save you 50% on DIN
     labeling with our on-demand system    2:28

HemaTrax-UNITY™ Demos
     for Technical Integration

     Roll mouse over for info and descriptions

HemaTrax® Print Server 3.x & Standalone 6.x
    Demo & Tutorial

        Learn about the many features & benefits of
      using HemaTrax software.

Configuring and Setting up
HemaTrax® Print Server 3.x & Standalone 6.x
HemaTrax Installation Demonstration
How to Change HemaTrax Confiurations
Starting HemaTrax Client
Establish a connection with HemaTrax Client
Establish, Change & Remove Port Definitions
Product Lookup Using HemaTrax Client

Bedside Specimen Collection

GoDex EZPi-1200
Learn more about this exciting high volume printer
     for carts   

SecurColor: Compounding Success Story
    Compounding at Billings Clinic, Billings Montana 4:34

SecurColor:  Pharmacy Compounding label info.
     Creating variable length labels   

Manufacturer Support

Zebra IQ Color labeling technology tutorial:

     Print Visual Cues in color, on demand  1:53

How to unload labels & ribbon from the Z4M,
      Z4MPlus and S4M

How to load  new labels & ribbon in the Z4M,
     ZM400, Z4Mplus and S4M 

Motorola DS4208 Bar Code Scanner
     Learn about this imaging scanner  3:07

Epson Mobilink Wireless Printer Demo:

Overview of Epson's rugged mobile printer  1:49

SecurColor:  Ink Durability for Healthcare:
        Epson's Durabrite ink resists harsh agents  0:58

TEMP-CHECK TC-12 video overview
     Learn about this rapid response thermometer for blood bags