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  Digi-Trax Announces New Compliance Labeling Solutions to Address Zika Virus

As the FDA has recently stated that all blood donations should be tested for the Zika virus, Digi-Trax has updated its HemaTrax blood bank compliance software. Blood centers can now print Zika virus testing information on-site using HemaTrax. If you are one of the more than 1,500 users of HemaTrax, please contact us for instructions on how to print FDA approved Zika testing labels.

Additionally, Digi-Trax has stocked a 2” x 1” pre-printed label that meets FDA guidelines using the required Zika testing terminology. Labels meet the FDA’s CFR 21, Section 175.105. Labels will remain wrinkle free, bar code readable and eye legible.

To order labels or for more information on our on-demand HemaTrax solution, contact us at
800-356-6126 or at info@digi-trax.com


Zika testing information label brochure

HemaTrax Standalone update to print Zika virus message